Nitya Laddu Danam Scheme

Sri Venkateswara Nitya Laddu Danam Scheme was started in 1981. The objective of this scheme is to distribute laddu prasadam (25 gm) free of cost to all pilgrims after completion of distribution of Anna Prasadams.

The devotees have to donate Rupees One Lakh and above. The interest earned on the deposits is utilized for the preparation and distribution of 25,000 laddus of 25 grams each in Donor's name on the day of their choice.

Donations may be made in favour of 'The Executive Officer, S.V.Nithya Annadanam Trust' and sent to 'Secretary & Deputy Executive Officer, S.V.Nithya Annadanam Trust, TTD Administrative Buildings, Tirupati-517 501.
Phone: 91-0877-2230004, 91-0877-2231777 Extn.4375.

The following facilities are extended to donors who contribute Rupees 1.00 Lakh and above.

* The Donor and his family will be provided free accommodation for one day in a year in ARP Counter or VIP accommodation on payment basis, subject to availability.

* The Donor and his family (not exceeding five) will be admitted for VIP darshan through Cellar in Vaikuntam 'Q' Complex-I for one day in a year.

* One Dupatta will be presented to the Donor as bahumanam once in a year during the visit of Donor.

* Six small laddus and six Vadas will be issued to the Donor once in a year as prasadam during the visit of Donor.

* One gold plated silver medallion with the image of Srivaru and Goddess Padmavathi Devi will be given at the time of Donor's first visit only.

* These privileges will be extended during the life time of the Donor and his/her spouse in case of individuals and for 20 years in case of the companies.

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