Pilgrim Facilities

Facilities for the devotees walking up the Hills in Tirupati

Many pilgrims walk up the hills as a part of their vow to the Lord. The TTD has provided the following facilities to them.

* Transportation of luggage free of charge to Tirumala.The pilgrims can deposit their luggage at any of the choultries in Tirupati, or at the toll gate at Alipiri, against a token and take delivery of the luggage at the central reception office counter at Tirumala.
* Provision for cooking at Galigopuram, Chittiyekkudu, Mamanduru Mitta, Narasimhaswami temple, Mokallamitta and other places.
* Availability of drinking water all along the foot-path.
* Facility of canteen run under hygienic conditions by the voluntary organisation "ISKCON" at Mamanduru Mitta (Seventh mile).
* Availability of toilets.
* Provision of sunshade at important points for taking rest.
* Arrangements for patrol by Security guards, Gurkhas and Police all along the road through out day and night to prevent unwary pilgrims from being cheated or robbed by unscrupulous elements.
* Relay of religious programmes through local broadcasting system.

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